class IdentityHashMap

[source: scala/collection/jcl/IdentityHashMap.scala]

class IdentityHashMap[K, E](val override underlying : java.util.IdentityHashMap[K, E])
extends MapWrapper[K, E]
A map that is backed by a Java identity hash map, which compares keys by their reference-based identity as opposed to using equals and hashCode. An identity hash map will often perform better than traditional hash map because it can utilize linear probing.
Sean McDirmid
Additional Constructor Summary
def this : IdentityHashMap[K, E]
Method Summary
override def clone : IdentityHashMap[K, E]
Return a clone of this map.
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Additional Constructor Details
def this : IdentityHashMap[K, E]

Method Details
override def clone : IdentityHashMap[K, E]
Return a clone of this map.
a map with the same elements.