trait MultiMap

[source: scala/collection/mutable/MultiMap.scala]

trait MultiMap[A, B]
extends Map[A, Set[B]]
This class is typically used as a mixin. It turns maps which map A to Set[B] objects into multi maps which map A to B objects.
Matthias Zenger
1.0, 08/07/2003
Method Summary
def add (key : A, value : B) : Unit
def entryExists (key : A, p : (B) => Boolean) : Boolean
protected def makeSet : Set[B]
def remove (key : A, value : B) : Unit
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Method Details
protected def makeSet : Set[B]

def add(key : A, value : B) : Unit

def remove(key : A, value : B) : Unit

def entryExists(key : A, p : (B) => Boolean) : Boolean