trait Publisher

[source: scala/collection/mutable/Publisher.scala]

trait Publisher[A, This <: Publisher[A, This]]
extends AnyRef
Publisher[A,This] objects publish events of type A to all registered subscribers. When subscribing, a subscriber may specify a filter which can be used to constrain the number of events sent to the subscriber. Subscribers may suspend their subscription, or reactivate a suspended subscription. Class Publisher is typically used as a mixin. The type variable This models self types.
Matthias Zenger
1.0, 08/07/2003
Direct Known Subclasses:
ObservableBuffer, ObservableMap, ObservableSet

Method Summary
def activateSubscription (sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit
protected def publish (event : A) : Unit
def removeSubscription (sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit
def removeSubscriptions : Unit
def subscribe (sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit
def subscribe (sub : Subscriber[A, This], filter : (A) => Boolean) : Unit
def suspendSubscription (sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit
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Method Details
def subscribe(sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit

def subscribe(sub : Subscriber[A, This], filter : (A) => Boolean) : Unit

def suspendSubscription(sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit

def activateSubscription(sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit

def removeSubscription(sub : Subscriber[A, This]) : Unit

def removeSubscriptions : Unit

protected def publish(event : A) : Unit