object ListView

[source: scala/swing/ListView.scala]

object ListView
extends AnyRef
Method Summary
def wrap [A](c : javax.swing.JList) : ListView[A]
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Class Summary
abstract class AbstractRenderer [-A, C <: Component](protected val component : C) extends Renderer[A]
A default renderer that maintains a single component for item rendering and preconfigures it to sensible defaults. It is polymorphic on the component's type so clients can easily use component specific attributes during configuration.
abstract class Renderer [-A] extends AnyRef
Item renderer for a list view. This is contravariant on the type of the items, so a more general renderer can be used in place of a more specific one. For instance, an Any renderer can be used for a list view of strings.
Object Summary
implicit object GenericRenderer extends Renderer[Any]
A generic renderer that uses Swing's built-in renderers. If there is no specific renderer for a type, this renderer falls back to a renderer that renders the string returned from an item's toString.
object IntervalMode extends Enumeration
The supported modes of user selections.
object Renderer extends AnyRef
Method Details
def wrap[A](c : javax.swing.JList) : ListView[A]