class SimpleGUIApplication

[source: scala/swing/SimpleGUIApplication.scala]

abstract class SimpleGUIApplication
extends GUIApplication
Extend this class for most simple UI applications. Clients need to implement the top method. Framework intialization is done by this class.
Direct Known Subclasses:
ButtonApp, CelsiusConverter, CelsiusConverter2, ComboBoxes, CountButton, Dialogs, GridBagDemo, SwingApp, TableSelection, UIDemo

Method Summary
def main (args : Array[java.lang.String]) : Unit
def resourceFromClassloader (path : java.lang.String) :
def resourceFromUserDirectory (path : java.lang.String) :
abstract def top : Frame
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init, run
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Method Details
abstract def top : Frame

def main(args : Array[java.lang.String]) : Unit

def resourceFromClassloader(path : java.lang.String) :

def resourceFromUserDirectory(path : java.lang.String) :