object Regex

[source: scala/util/matching/Regex.scala]

object Regex
extends AnyRef
This object defines inner classes that describe regex matches. The class hirrachy is as follows. MatchData | \ MatchIterator Match
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Class Summary
class Match (val source : java.lang.CharSequence, matcher : java.util.regex.Matcher, val groupNames : Seq[java.lang.String]) extends MatchData
A case class for a succesful match.
trait MatchData extends AnyRef
This class provides methods to access the details of a match.
class MatchIterator (val source : java.lang.CharSequence, val regex : Regex, val groupNames : Seq[java.lang.String]) extends Iterator[java.lang.String] with MatchData
A class to step through a sequence of regex matches
Object Summary
object Match extends AnyRef
An extractor object for Matches, yielding the matched string