class Parsers

[source: scala/util/parsing/Parsers.scala]


abstract class Parsers
extends AnyRef
Documentation for this class is currently missing. However, the Scala By Examples document contains a chapter on combinator parsing that comes close.
Burak Emir
use scala.util.parsing.combinator.Parsers instead.
Type Summary
abstract type inputType
Method Summary
def not [A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[Unit]
def opt [A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[List[A]]
def rep [A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[List[A]]
def rep1 [A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[List[A]]
def repWith [A, B](p : Parser[A], sep : Parser[B]) : Parser[List[A]]
def succeed [A](x : A) : Parser[A]
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Class Summary
abstract class Parser [A] extends AnyRef
Type Details
abstract type inputType

Method Details
def not[A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[Unit]

def succeed[A](x : A) : Parser[A]

def rep[A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[List[A]]

def rep1[A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[List[A]]

def repWith[A, B](p : Parser[A], sep : Parser[B]) : Parser[List[A]]

def opt[A](p : Parser[A]) : Parser[List[A]]