object EncodingHeuristics

[source: scala/xml/include/sax/EncodingHeuristics.scala]

object EncodingHeuristics
extends AnyRef

EncodingHeuristics reads from a stream (which should be buffered) and attempts to guess what the encoding of the text in the stream is. Byte order marks are stripped from the stream. If it fails to determine the type of the encoding, it returns the default UTF-8.

Translated from Elliotte Rusty Harold's Java source

Burak Emir
Method Summary
def readEncodingFromStream (in : : java.lang.String
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Method Details
def readEncodingFromStream(in : : java.lang.String

This utility method ????.

in - InputStream to read from.
String The name of the encoding.
IOException - if the stream cannot be reset back to where it was when the method was invoked.