class ConstructingParser

[source: scala/xml/parsing/ConstructingParser.scala]

class ConstructingParser(val input : Source, val preserveWS : Boolean)
extends ConstructingHandler with ExternalSources with MarkupParser
An xml parser. parses XML and invokes callback methods of a MarkupHandler. Don't forget to call on a freshly instantiated parser in order to initialize it. If you get the parser from the object method, initialization is already done for you.
object parseFromURL {
  def main(args:Array[String]): Unit = {
    val url = args(0);
    val src =;
    val cpa = scala.xml.parsing.ConstructingParser.fromSource(src, false); // fromSource initializes automatically
    val doc = cpa.document();
    // let's see what it is
    val ppr = new scala.xml.PrettyPrinter(80,5);
    val ele = doc.docElem;
    Console.println("finished parsing");
    val out = ppr.format(ele);
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override def log (msg : java.lang.String) : Unit
This method should log the message given as argument somewhere as a side-effect.
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override def log(msg : java.lang.String) : Unit
This method should log the message given as argument somewhere as a side-effect.
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