package scalatest

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Type Members

  1. trait AbstractAsyncMockFactory extends AsyncTestSuiteMixin with AsyncMockFactoryBase with AsyncTestSuite

  2. trait AbstractMockFactory extends TestSuiteMixin with MockFactoryBase with TestSuite

  3. trait AsyncMockFactory extends AbstractAsyncMockFactory with Mock with AsyncTestSuite

  4. trait AsyncMockFactoryBase extends MockContext with Mock with MockFunctions with Matchers

  5. trait MixedMockFactory extends AbstractMockFactory with Mock

    allows combining of macro mocks wih proxy mocks in the same Suite

  6. trait MockFactory extends AbstractMockFactory with Mock with TestSuite

    Trait that can be mixed into a ScalaTest suite to provide mocking support.

  7. trait PathMockFactory extends SuiteMixin with MockFactoryBase with Mock

    Trait that can be mixed into org.

Value Members

  1. package proxy

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