package enablers

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Type Members

  1. trait CheckerAsserting[T] extends AnyRef

  2. trait Collecting[E, C] extends AnyRef

    Supertrait for typeclasses that enable loneElement and inspectors syntax for collections.

  3. abstract class ExpectationCheckerAsserting extends UnitCheckerAsserting

  4. abstract class ExpectationInspectorAsserting extends UnitInspectorAsserting

  5. abstract class ExpectationTableAsserting extends UnitTableAsserting

  6. abstract class ExpectationWheneverAsserting extends UnitWheneverAsserting

  7. trait InspectorAsserting[T] extends AnyRef

  8. trait TableAsserting[T] extends AnyRef

  9. abstract class UnitCheckerAsserting extends AnyRef

  10. abstract class UnitInspectorAsserting extends AnyRef

  11. abstract class UnitTableAsserting extends AnyRef

  12. abstract class UnitWheneverAsserting extends AnyRef

  13. trait WheneverAsserting[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object CheckerAsserting extends ExpectationCheckerAsserting

  2. object Collecting

    Companion object for Collecting that provides implicit implementations for the following types:

  3. object InspectorAsserting extends ExpectationInspectorAsserting

  4. object TableAsserting extends ExpectationTableAsserting

  5. object WheneverAsserting extends ExpectationWheneverAsserting