package junit

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Type Members

  1. trait AssertionsForJUnit extends Assertions

    Trait that contains ScalaTest's basic assertion methods, suitable for use with JUnit.

  2. class JUnit3Suite extends TestCase with Suite with AssertionsForJUnit

    A Suite that is also a junit.framework.TestCase.

  3. final class JUnitRunner extends Runner

    A JUnit Runner that knows how to run any ScalaTest Suite.

  4. class JUnitSuite extends JUnitSuiteLike

    A suite of tests that can be run with either JUnit or ScalaTest.

  5. trait JUnitSuiteLike extends Suite with AssertionsForJUnit

    Implementation trait for class JUnitSuite, which represents a suite of tests that can be run with either JUnit or ScalaTest.

  6. class JUnitTestFailedError extends AssertionFailedError with StackDepth with ModifiableMessage[JUnitTestFailedError] with PayloadField with ModifiablePayload[JUnitTestFailedError]

    Exception that indicates a test failed.

  7. class JUnitWrapperSuite extends Suite

    A wrapper to allow JUnit tests to be run by the ScalaTest runner.

Value Members

  1. object AssertionsForJUnit extends AssertionsForJUnit

    Companion object that facilitates the importing of AssertionsForJUnit members as an alternative to mixing it in.