package concurrent

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Type Members

  1. final case class Actor[A](handler: (A) ⇒ Unit, onError: (Throwable) ⇒ Unit = ActorUtils.rethrowError)(implicit strategy: Strategy) extends Product with Serializable

    Processes messages of type A, one at a time.

  2. trait ActorFunctions extends AnyRef

  3. sealed abstract class ActorInstances extends AnyRef

  4. trait Atomic[A] extends AnyRef

  5. trait Atomics extends AnyRef

  6. trait BooleanLatch extends AnyRef

  7. sealed abstract class Chan[A] extends AnyRef

  8. trait Concurrents extends ActorFunctions

  9. sealed abstract class Future[+A] extends AnyRef

    Future is a trampolined computation producing an A that may include asynchronous steps.

  10. sealed abstract class MVar[A] extends AnyRef

  11. trait MVarFunctions extends AnyRef

  12. sealed abstract class PhasedLatch extends AnyRef

  13. trait PhasedLatches extends AnyRef

  14. trait Run[F] extends AnyRef

  15. trait Strategy extends AnyRef

    Evaluate an expression in some specific manner.

  16. trait Strategys extends StrategysLow

  17. trait StrategysLow extends AnyRef

  18. class Task[+A] extends AnyRef

    Task[A] wraps a scalaz.concurrent.Future[Throwable \/ A], with some convenience functions for handling exceptions.

  19. trait TaskApp extends AnyRef

    Safe App trait that runs a scalaz.concurrent.Task action.

  20. trait Timeout extends AnyRef

  21. case class Timer(timeoutTickMs: Int = 100, workerName: String = "TimeoutContextWorker") extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object Actor extends ActorInstances with ActorFunctions with Serializable

  2. object Atomic extends Atomics

  3. object BooleanLatch

  4. object Chan

  5. object Concurrent extends Concurrents

  6. object Future

  7. object MVar extends MVarFunctions

  8. object PhasedLatch extends PhasedLatches

  9. object Run

  10. object Strategy extends Strategys

  11. object Task

  12. object Timeout extends Timeout

  13. object Timer extends Serializable