package scalikejdbc4j

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Type Members

  1. class AuthenticatedDataSourceConnectionPool extends scalikejdbc.AuthenticatedDataSourceConnectionPool

    Connection Pool using external DataSource

  2. case class ConnectionPool(underlying: scalikejdbc.ConnectionPool) extends Product with Serializable

    Connection Pool Wrapper.

  3. class ConnectionPoolSettings extends AnyRef


  4. class DataSourceConnectionPool extends scalikejdbc.DataSourceConnectionPool

    Connection Pool using external DataSource

  5. trait JavaConverters extends AnyRef

  6. trait JavaConvertersImplicits extends AnyRef

  7. case class NamedDB(underlying: scalikejdbc.NamedDB) extends Product with Serializable


  8. trait QueryCompletionListener extends AnyRef

  9. trait QueryFailureListener extends AnyRef

  10. trait SQLFormatter extends scalikejdbc.SQLFormatter


Value Members

  1. object AllJavaConverters extends JavaConverters with JavaConvertersImplicits with DecorateAsJava with DecorateAsScala

    Java Converters that include Scala collection conversions.

  2. object AutoSession

  3. object ConnectionPool extends Serializable

    ConnectionPool factory and registration.

  4. object DB

    DB blocks provider.

  5. object GlobalSettings

    Global Settings.

  6. object JavaConverters extends JavaConverters with JavaConvertersImplicits

    Java Converters for ScalikeJDBC users.

  7. object NamedDB extends Serializable

    NamedDB factory.

  8. object ScalaConverters

    Scala Converters.

  9. package converter

  10. package globalsettings