package reporter

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Type Members

  1. trait HtmlBodyPrinter extends AnyRef

    Create the body of an html file reporting a specification execution

  2. case class HtmlOptions(outDir: DirectoryPath, baseDir: DirectoryPath, template: FilePath, variables: Map[String, String], noStats: Boolean, search: Boolean, warnMissingSeeRefs: Boolean, tocEntryMaxSize: Int, toc: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    Options for the Html generation

  3. trait HtmlPrinter extends Printer

    Printer for html files

  4. trait HtmlUrls extends AnyRef

  5. case class Pandoc(verbose: Boolean, executable: FilePath, inputFormat: String, outputFormat: String) extends Product with Serializable

    Representation of the Pandoc executable

  6. trait SearchPage extends AnyRef

    Functions used to create an index and a search page for the generated html pages

Value Members

  1. object HtmlBodyPrinter extends HtmlBodyPrinter

  2. object HtmlOptions extends Serializable

  3. object HtmlPrinter extends HtmlPrinter

  4. object HtmlUrls extends HtmlUrls

  5. object Pandoc extends Serializable

  6. object SearchPage extends SearchPage