package information

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Type Members

  1. final class DataRate extends Quantity[DataRate] with TimeDerivative[Information]

    Represnets a rate of transfer of information

  2. trait DataRateUnit extends UnitOfMeasure[DataRate] with UnitConverter
  3. final class Information extends Quantity[Information] with TimeIntegral[DataRate]

    Represents information.

    Represents information.



  4. trait InformationUnit extends UnitOfMeasure[Information] with UnitConverter

Value Members

  1. object Bytes extends InformationUnit with PrimaryUnit with SiBaseUnit
  2. object BytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit with PrimaryUnit with SiUnit
  3. object DataRate extends Dimension[DataRate] with Serializable
  4. object DataRateConversions
  5. object Exabytes extends InformationUnit
  6. object ExabytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  7. object Exbibytes extends InformationUnit
  8. object ExbibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  9. object Gibibytes extends InformationUnit
  10. object GibibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  11. object Gigabytes extends InformationUnit
  12. object GigabytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  13. object Information extends Dimension[Information] with BaseDimension with Serializable

    Factory singleton for information

  14. object InformationConversions
  15. object Kibibytes extends InformationUnit
  16. object KibibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  17. object Kilobytes extends InformationUnit
  18. object KilobytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  19. object Mebibytes extends InformationUnit
  20. object MebibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  21. object Megabytes extends InformationUnit
  22. object MegabytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  23. object Octets extends InformationUnit
  24. object Pebibytes extends InformationUnit
  25. object PebibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  26. object Petabytes extends InformationUnit
  27. object PetabytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  28. object Tebibytes extends InformationUnit
  29. object TebibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  30. object Terabytes extends InformationUnit
  31. object TerabytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  32. object Yobibytes extends InformationUnit
  33. object YobibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  34. object Yottabytes extends InformationUnit
  35. object YottabytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  36. object Zebibytes extends InformationUnit
  37. object ZebibytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit
  38. object Zettabytes extends InformationUnit
  39. object ZettabytesPerSecond extends DataRateUnit