Class Summary
NameToStructure The "master" class, to turn a name into a structure.
NameToStructureConfig Allows OPSIN to be configured e.g.
OpsinResult Holds the structure OPSIN has generated from a name Additionally holds a status code for whether name interpretation was successful
ParseRules Instantiate via NameToStructure.getOpsinParser() Performs finite-state allocation of roles ("annotations") to tokens: The chemical name is broken down into tokens e.g.
ParseRulesResults A wrapper for the results from parsing a chemical name or part of a chemical name through ParseRules
ParseTokens A "struct" containing data a possible tokenisation of a word in a chemical name.
StringTools Static routines for string manipulation.
XOMFormatter Turns a XOM Element into a pretty indented string.
XOMTools Accessory functions for the manipulation of XOM Nodes/Elements Only those that are necessary for OPSIN's execution

Enum Summary
OpsinResult.OPSIN_RESULT_STATUS Whether parsing the chemical name was successful, encountered problems or was unsuccessful.

Exception Summary
CipOrderingException Thrown if the ordering of ligands can now be determined by OPSIN's implementation of the CIP rules.
NameToStructureException Thrown if OPSIN failed to initialise
ParsingException Thrown during finite-state parsing.

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